That's Life

You Ruined Everything

nabicht / September 23, 2011

I always liked the melody to Jonathon Coulton’s You Ruined Everything¬†but it wasn’t until Simone spewed forth our beautiful spawn, Bella, that it (and Coulton) officially entered The Vaunted Halls of Things Peter Nabicht Geeks Out Over.” Seriously, for keeps. For a lot of parents, having a kid is a conscientious choice. ¬†You are living your life, thinking: “We’ve got…

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The Village

Peter Nabicht was Peeved

nabicht / September 21, 2011

“Peter Nabicht was peeved.” That’s the first line of a new article that was released yesterday (no link since it requires payment). I like hearing myself and my presumed emotional state referred to so bluntly. And it comes across great on the page. But, I wasn’t all that peeved, at least when it comes to the subject — market data…

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