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Peter Nabicht was Peeved

nabicht / September 21, 2011

“Peter Nabicht was peeved.” That’s the first line of a new article that was released yesterday (no link since it requires payment). I like hearing myself and my presumed emotional state referred to so bluntly. And it comes across great on the page.

But, I wasn’t all that peeved, at least when it comes to the subject — market data entitlements. I was more bemused. Peter Nabicht was bemused. That doesn’t play on the page as well.

However, the more I think about the current state of affairs the more the author was unintentionally correct. I am peeved. The economy is in the toilet; our education system is shameful; people confuse chanting USA at sporting events for civic pride; corporations have no sense of duty to the community they are in; selfishness often trumps selflessness; our country’s leaders are more concerned with re-election and political games than doing their jobs. The list goes on and on and on and if I spend too much time thinking about it all at this point in the morning then my whole day will one long miserable fit of anger.

Peter Nabicht was peeved? Was? Puh-lease! Past tense has no place here!

Peter Nabicht is peeved.

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