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The Most Defeated Sigh I’ve Ever Heard

nabicht / May 8, 2014

The great thing about combining airport waits with cell phones is you get to overhear the best conversations and you only hear one side.  I started hearing the following, had my laptop open and started typing. When he hung up the man rubbed his face and sighed the most defeated sigh I’ve ever heard. I can easily imagine the other side of this one.  (Ellipsis indicate a pause when he was listening to other person)

Use the tv remote… 

How do you not know which one?….

They are labeled. See how the tv says samsung? Use the remote that says Samsung…. 

Yes that’s the name of the company…. 

A brand name is a kind of label…. 

Does it matter?…. 

Why would you think comcast is a tv manufacturer?… 

Do you ever watch commercials? What about the commercial makes you think they make tvs?…. 

Right. Samsung…. 

Did you point it at the tv?…  Why would you point the samsung remote at a comcast box… 

Yes! They are labels!…  

Can’t you just read a magazine?…

No, I’m not being snarky, I just want to stop explaining how remotes work…

I’m sorry….

Samsung and samsung….


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