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The Internet? Is That Thing Still Around?

nabicht / January 8, 2018

After a crazy year with many life changes (from entrepreneur to consultant to full time employee), I’m finally getting around to updating my web presence.

But you’ll have to hang with me for a bit. I’m a bit behind and getting things the way I want them isn’t as quick to do as I thought it would be.

First, I had to get my blog working again. And I’m cheap with a “can do spirit” so I decided this meant digital ocean + wordpress + lots of googling. And I wanted to be able to do multiple blogs/sites/etc. So that means the added complication of multisite and domain mapping. Also, I wanted to it to all be secure, so I’m figuring out ssl certificates in this setup.

Second, I need to save the old stuff. But not all the old stuff was worth saving, so I’m being selective. Over the next few weeks, expect to see some back population of the site with old posts. Of course, I’m going to take the time to recategorize everything and do a full re-org/spring cleaning. Yay me!

Third, I need to add new content. I guess this means having things post worthy and finding a voice.

So like I said, hang with me for a bit. I’ll either get there, or like every other New Years resolution I’ll blow it by early February and go back to ice cream and bourbon.

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