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A Model of a Model of a Model

nabicht / January 11, 2018

Lego’s newly announced ship in a bottle is beautiful! It looks like a delightful build and I guarantee I’ll be treating myself to it or asking my family for it for my birthday (hint hint wife!).

I’m really writing this post because it is such a fun model that I wanted to share it. And to point out that the original is even better.

This model comes from Lego Ideas, where Lego fans can build their own models, submit them, and other fans vote on them. Top voted submissions end up as officially released sets (disclaimer: I’m sure it’s more complicated than this, I haven’t read the rules). Lego has to do some redesign to get the price point right for sale, the build something instructions can easily be made around, etc. but the spirit of the original is always maintained.

But check out Jake Sadovich’s original submission. It is spectacular. The detail is amazing! As much as I want the newly released set, I want to build his original even more! The ship has much more detail. The bottle isn’t as graceful but this is because Lego made new pieces (or at least ran pieces that are hard to get) to make it more elegant, and Jake can’t do that. But who cares about the bottle!?! No one says “look at that amazing bottle”. Everyone cares about the ship. The ship in the bottle makes a ship in a bottle special: and Jake’s tiny ship is beautiful.

So, here it is… we have a model (1) of a model (2) of a model (3).

  1. Lego has released a model, based on
  2. Jake’s submitted model, which itself is based on
  3. the whole genre of a model of a ship in a bottle.

Lego is the world’s most meta toy. Hands down.

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