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Did Frank Underwood Kill Bambi’s Mom?

nabicht / January 12, 2018

Whether you realize it or not, many (if not most) of your day-to-day interactions are driven by algorithms. Sometimes they are a little sky-net and sometimes we benefit greatly.

And sometimes they just go horribly, hilariously wrong.

One of those times is this one from a few years back for me, when Netflix’s recommendation algorithm (or screen population algorithm, or one of their many, many more algorithms) decided that House of Cards, The West Wing, and Madmen were “Feel-good Disney Talking-Animal Animation.”

Remember that West Wing where CJ and Josh pranced through the forest singing about building a highway for migratory wolves? Yeah, I do too, that movie rocked! Leo brought down the house with his song and dance number: “Big Block of Cheese Day”!

Oh, what did you think about that childhood classic: Don Draper’s Adventures in Advertising? Peggy was always my favorite sidekick.

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